Programmable Logic

2016 - Q1
The information found in Industry Watch is collected from many sources. It is gathered and updated on a quarterly basis by America II’s Product Marketing Team. The data is intended to provide a high-level overview of lead times and market conditions. Buyers should use this information for guidance only.

Automotive Sector Helping FPGA Growth

ByteSnap believes that FPGAs will make inroads in the HPC (High Performance Computing) market segment in 2016, though a key will be software tools. If FPGA manufacturers can open the door of hardware-accelerated functions to software engineers, there could be a step change in FPGA adoption - especially in automotive and e-health where sensor algorithms are complex. ByteSnap contends that FPGAs may still be too expensive for use in Internet of Things (IoT) devices, though Microsemi and Lattice are bucking the trend by offering ultra-small, low-cost and power-efficient devices. There is also growing demand from the automotive sector where more sensors and control systems are being added at an unprecedented rate. FPGAs could be quite cost-effective here.

Intel announced in late December 2015 that it has completed the $16.7 billion acquisition of Altera, which will now operate as a new business unit called the Programmable Solutions Group (PSG). Intel can start packaging their Xeon processors with Altera’s FPGAs to offer the complete solution. Intel says it will start pairing the two chips sometime this year, which will boost performance by up to 50 percent. Intel is betting that its production technology can help bring such integrated products to market quickly.

Manufacturer Part Number Manufacturer Lead Time America II Stock Position
Altera Cyclone I (EP1Cxxx) FPGA Family 8 Weeks In Stock
Cyclone II (EP2Cxxx, EP2CxxAF) FPGA Family 8 - 10 Weeks In Stock
    - Exception: EP2C50 Family, ufBGA Package Only 14 Weeks  
Cyclone III (EP3Cxxx), Cyclone IV E (EP4CExxx) FPGA families 8 Weeks In Stock
Cyclone III LS (EP3CLSxxx) FPGA family 10 Weeks In Stock
Cyclone IV GX (EP4CGXxxx) FPGA family 9 Weeks In Stock
ACEX 1K (EP1Kxxx) FPGA Family 11 Weeks In Stock
EPCQxxx/EPCSxxx Configuration Prom families 11 Weeks In Stock
Stratix I (EP2Sxxx), Stratix I GX (EP1SGXxxx) FPGA families 10 Weeks In Stock
Stratix II (EP2Sxxx), Stratix II GX (EP2SGXxxx) FPGA families 11 Weeks In Stock
Stratix III E (EP3SExxx), Stratix III L (EP3SLxxx) families 10 Weeks In Stock
MAX7000 CPLD (EPM7xxxAE/EPM7xxxE/EPMxxxS) 10 - 16 Weeks In Stock
    - Exception: EPM7192 CPLD Family 12 Weeks In Stock
MAX3000 (EPM3xxxA) CPLD families 10 Weeks In Stock
MAX II (EPM240, EPM570, EPM1270, EPM2210) CPLD families 8 Weeks In Stock
Xilinx Virtex-7 (XC7VxxxT), Virtex-7 HT (XC7VHxxxT), Virtex-7 XT (XC7VXxxxT) FPGA Families 6 - 8 Weeks In Stock
    - Exception: XC7V585T Family 8 - 13 Weeks In Stock
Virtex 6 CXT (XC6VCXxxxT), LXT (XC6VLXxxxT), SXT(XC6VSXxxxT), HXT (XC6VHXxxxT) FPGA Families
6 - 7 Weeks In Stock
    - Exception: XC6VHX250T 13 Weeks  
    - Exception: XC6VLX365T 16 - 12 Weeks  
    - Exception: XC6VHX380T 6 - 15 Weeks In Stock
    - Exception: XC6VLX760 13 Weeks In Stock
    - Exception: XC6VSX475T 15 Weeks In Stock
Virtex-4 FX/LX/SX (XC4VFXxxx/XC4VLXxxx/ XC4VSXxxx) FPGA Families 6 Weeks In Stock
    - Exceptions: XC4VLX15, 676-ball fcBGA Only 17 Weeks  
Spartan 6 LX (XC6SLXxxx), LXT (XC6SLXxxxT) Families 6 Weeks  
    - Exceptions: XC6SLX150T, 484-ball csBGA only 13 Weeks  
Spartan 3 (XC3Sxxx), Spartan 3E (XC3SxxxE), Spartan 3A (XC3SxxxA), Spartan 3A DSP (XC3SDxxxA) FPGA Families 6 - 19 Weeks In Stock
    - Exceptions: Many of the leaded package options 14 - 19 Weeks In Stock
Spartan-2 (XC2Sxxx) FPGA Families 6 Weeks In Stock
CoolRunner (XC2Cxxx) CPLD Family 6 Weeks In Stock
XC9500XV CPLD Family 6 Weeks In Stock
XCFxxx Configuration Prom Family 6 Weeks In Stock
Lattice ispMACH4000V/Z (LC4xxxV/Z) CPLD Families 6 - 8 Weeks In Stock
MACHXO2 (LCMXO2-xxx), MACHXO (LCMXOxxx) CPLD Families 7 - 9 Weeks In Stock
ispMACH4A (M4A5-xx/xx) CPLD Family 8 - 10 Weeks In Stock