2016 - Q1
The information found in Industry Watch is collected from many sources. It is gathered and updated on a quarterly basis by America II’s Product Marketing Team. The data is intended to provide a high-level overview of lead times and market conditions. Buyers should use this information for guidance only.

Steady Lead Times and Pricing in Q4 2015

Microcontroller lead times and pricing held steady during Q4 2015 despite the ongoing changes in the landscape for this product segment caused by the acquisition and merger mania. The latest acquisition is the unsolicited proposal from Microchip to acquire Atmel for $8.15 per share in a combination of cash and Microchip common stock, with total equity value of $3.56 billion. This offer was deemed superior to the previous offer from Dialog Semi, who chose not to amend their proposal. Thus, Atmel terminated its merger agreement with Dialog, resulting in payment of termination fees totaling $137.3 million to Dialog.

NXP and Freescale announced the completion of their merger in December 2015. This merger creates a high performance mix signal semiconductor leader with combined revenue more than $10 billion. This new entity will continue operations as NXP Semiconductors N.V. and has become the market leader in automotive semiconductor solutions and in general purpose microcontroller products. It gains NXP entry into new application areas in the automotive sector including powertrain, safety and body electronics, while allowing them to build upon their leading positions in audio infotainment, security and vehicle networks.

Manufacturer Part Number / Status Manufacturer Lead Time America II Stock Position
Texas Instruments TMS320XX 32-bit RISC 10 – 24 Weeks In Stock
MSP430XX 16-bit 6 – 10 Weeks In Stock
COP8XX // MSC1210XX CISC 8-bit CISC 6 – 10 Weeks In Stock
Atmel AT91SAMXX 32-bit ARM 6 – 10 Weeks In Stock
ATTINYXX 8-bit AVR MCU 6 – 10 Weeks In Stock
ATMEGAXX 8-bit AVR RISC 6 – 8 Weeks In Stock
Cypress Semiconductor CY7C68013XX 8-bit 8 – 10 Weeks In Stock
CY7C6700XX 16-bit 8 – 10 Weeks In Stock
CY8C5868XX 32-bit 4 – 6 Weeks In Stock
Freescale MC68HC11XX 8-bit CISC 8 – 10 Weeks In Stock
MC56FXX 32-bit Cold Fire 8 – 10 Weeks In Stock
DSP56FXX 16-bit 8 – 10 Weeks In Stock
TMS320XX 32-bit 10 – 24 Weeks In Stock