America II Moves into Franchised Distribution World

(via EBN)

Right around its 25th birthday, America II decided to start to move away from its roots in independent distribution to focus on making a place for itself in the franchised electronics distribution landscape.

"We realized that, although we've been on the independent distribution side of the business, we needed to have a broader offering to serve our customer base," said America II president Brian Ellison in an interview with EBNonline. Our goal was to continue to be relevant to our customers and to the market. We needed to move into medical and automotive spaces, which have longer product lifecycles, and really couldn't do that without a more extensive offering from a franchise line perspective."

Early returns say the company has been successful in its bid. For the first time, America II was listed on EBN's Top 25 Global Franchised Electronics Distributors list, claiming a spot mid-list (Ranking #16). At last count, the company had 66 franchised lines on its card, having added nine new lines, including Oupiin America Inc., Mean Well USA Inc., Kamaya Inc., SiliconReef, Iriso USA Inc., Fremont Micro Devices, Cal-Chip Electronics, APC Manufacturing, and NVE Corp., to its global line card in January 2016.

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